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Written on Jul 31, 2021
Written by Mandy

Heart to Heart Bristol – Redesigning a site in 3 months

Kerry and Robert commissioned The Digital Therapist to rebuild the website for Heart to Heart Bristol, as the counselling service they run in Bristol had grown and their current site wasn’t representative of their staff or vision. Heart to Heart was developed to provide low-cost counselling to the people of Bristol, after qualifying as a counsellor, Kerry saw that there was a real need for this type of service.

We started as always with a planning meeting, and it was exciting to find out what ideas Kerry and Robert had, and what they wanted to represent.

Key challenges

Their existing site had stock photography and didn’t really represent their locality, and with multiple locations in Bristol, we really wanted to bring in some stunning photography of local landmarks.

This project was undertaken during the global pandemic, and Kerry and her team were quickly adapting to moving most of their provision online as well as providing us with copy and feedback as we progressed.

The site needed to clearly state locations as clients would often end up in the wrong counselling centre.

The story of Heart to Heart Bristol wasn’t really being told, and so we paid special attention to that in the new About Us page which also featured colourful images of the counsellors at the heart of the organisation.

Screenshot of Heart to Heart Bristol About Us Page

Designing a fresh site

We pulled out the key selling points of Heart to Heart – affordable counselling, from a trustworthy, experienced and professional organisation. Although the site is clean and has a professional feel, it is clear who their target market are – and the staff photographs really bring it to life.

The testimonials are scattered throughout the site, meaning whichever page you land on, the website user can read about how others have been helped and a standard ‘contact us’ footer means that visitors can always find a way to get in touch.

On the about us page, we added key statistics – a really clear graphic which picks up on their logo colours and gives a sense of the size and scale of the organisation for prospective clients and funders too.

Image showing statistics for Heart to Heart Bristol

Adding in new features

Kerry and Robert wanted to highlight their staff, and we added a meet the team section which shared their commitment. We also provided some information for anyone seeking a placement at Heart to Heart.

As well as adding a standard FAQ page, we also designed a timeline that made it really clear to first-time clients what would happen when they filled in the form, and what they could expect from the process. This led to further FAQs which covered most of the questions that Kerry and her team repeatedly answer by email.

Their new site is built mobile-first, full of color, and really represents the organisation.

We believe that everyone irrespective of their personal circumstances, have the right to high quality, easily accessible, counselling at a reasonable price without having to wait longer than a few weeks for their first appointment.

Kerry and Robert,

Founders of Heart to Heart Counselling

We have lots of ideas for the next stage of Heart to Heart’s online development and are looking forward to continuing to work with Kerry and Robert.

If you’d like to talk about the design or re-design of your website, you can find out more about our services or get in touch for a no-obligation conversation. We love to have a chat, especially over a cuppa and are committed to offering great value services for counsellors and psychotherapists looking to improve their online presence.

You can also find us on Facebook – either at The Digital Therapist (page) or in the How to Build a Website in 10 Easy-Ish Steps free group if you fancy doing it yourself.

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